May Day 2017: Women advance the working class struggle

National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada (NAPWC)
National Statement
May 1, 2017
Alongside thousands of working women across the world, we celebrate International Workers’ Day by continuing to advance working class women’s struggles for freedom and liberation. We do so at this critical moment and beyond, as women continue to absorb the shocks of neoliberal globalization’s […]

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Progressive Filipino Canadians against fascism: Continuing the culture of resistance towards revolutionary social transformation

Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC)
National Statement
February 9, 2017—We are in a crucial moment in history, and to understand how we can advance our organizing efforts as progressive Filipino Canadians, there is a need for a proper analysis of current social, economic and political developments around the world. Much is happening in the global picture […]

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Maveerar Naal: Commemorating the revolutionary struggle of the Tamil People

A statement of solidarity delivered at Founders Assembly Hall, York University, Toronto, ON.

Good evening everyone. On behalf of our comrades on the York University campus and the Filipino Canadian community at large, as members of the Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada, the Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance, we declare that we stand in solidarity […]

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Anti-Trump Politics Solidarity Statement

November 18, 2016

Toronto, ON—The Filipino Canadian youth Alliance of Ontario and its’ sister organizations, the Philippine Women Centre of Ontario and SIKLAB Ontario, continue to stand in solidarity with the struggle against racism, xenophobia, sexism, ableism, islamophobia, homophobia and amongst all else that purports the culture of hate and oppression. As Trump’s influence warrants […]

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Secure and Meaningful Employment and Living Wages for all NOW!

Solidary Statement for October 1 Rally For Decent Work
October 1, 2016
 Toronto, ON – Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance/Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada of Ontario (FCYA/UKPC-ON) expresses our solidarity in the fight for secure and meaningful employment and living wages for all. This October 1st, we march together here at Queen’s Park with workers, union […]

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Upholding the Working Class Struggle Towards a Socialist Canada

National Statement
Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians
May 4, 2016
Toronto, ON—The Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC) celebrate International Workers Day with continuing vitality and strengthening resolve to defend, advance and uphold working people’s struggles towards genuine and long lasting justice and social transformation. This May 4th marks the 130th anniversary of the Haymarket Square demonstrations, which has […]

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Filipino Canadian youth and women’s organizations continue to celebrate International Women’s Month with launch of second critical discussion in their series, “Where Have all the Women Gone?”, on the topic of sex trafficking and prostitution

March 21, 2016
The Philippine Women Centre of Ontario (PWC-ON) and the Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance (FCYA) at York University are gearing up once again in preparation for the next event, which will be a continuation of the month-long critical political discussion series “Where Have All the Women Gone?” to celebrate International Women’s Month this […]

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Being leaders on the revolutionary road towards women’s liberation

International Working Women’s Day Statement from the National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada (NAPWC)

March 8, 2016

This year, we celebrate International Women’s Day and move forward in our struggle for women’s liberation by challenging ourselves to expand and assert our vision of a just and equal society. Here in Canada and around the world, […]

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Filipino Canadian youth and women’s organizations to commemorate  International Women’s Day with the launch of a critical discussion series and ask “where have all the women gone?”

The Philippine Women Centre of Ontario (PWC-ON) and Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance at York (FCYA/UKPC-York) are inviting everyone to the York University campus during the month of March for a critical discussion series that will tackle a multitude of women’s issues from reproductive justice, domestic work, sex trafficking and prostitution, and women’s history of […]

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We say no to homophobia and sexism! We say no to irresponsible and false leaders!

Congress of Progressive Filipinos
National Statement
February 19, 2016
The Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC) is disgusted by the recent homophobic statement made by boxer, Philippine congressman and Senatorial candidate, Manny Pacquiao, against LGBTQs comparing them to being worse than animals for having same-sex relationships. These comments in particular reflect the persisting machismo, homophobia, and sexism […]

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