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Call to scrap Canada’s Caregiver Program more necessary than ever as regressive rebranding leave thousands without permanent resident status

Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC) February 19, 2018 Toronto, ON - Recent statistics brought to light in a February 3, 2018 Toronto Star article regarding the impacts of the Caregiver Program reforms made in 2014 have angered  thousands as a mere 555 of 2,730 permanent residency (PR) applicants have received permanent status in the last 3 years. The rejection of 80% of the applications is the result of racist and anti-immigrant allegations championed by then Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney, that the caregiver program was being “abused” by the Filipino Canadian community to bring family members over to Canada. What has historically been an exclusionary program, has become a more viciously sophisticated gatekeeping mechanism that closely control the admission of transnational workers and relegating them as temporary sources of cheap labour. This program and the larger Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) provide the conditions for the many forms of abuses that systematically drive caregivers’ lives into uncertainty, volatility and desperation. With these worsening attacks, the Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC) stands firm in demanding [...]

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Filipino Canadian youth organization celebrates 10th year anniversary of mobilizing, educating, and organizing youth

Toronto, ON - This month calls for a joyous celebration as the Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance/Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada - Ontario (FCYA/UKPC-ON) enters its 10th year anniversary! Together with our sister organization, the Philippine Women Centre of Ontario (PWC-ON), we invite everyone to our panel discussion on Saturday, November 18, 2017 at University of Toronto, St. George campus. Titled “What’s to Be Done? Making the Youth Count in Canada’s Future,” this event will commemorate the history of FCYA-ON, lay out the current situation of the Filipino Canadian youth, and more importantly, assert the need to continuously uphold our revolutionary tasks as youth. Neoliberal policies, without remorse, are pushing the Filipino Canadian community further into the margins. Despite being the fourth largest visible minority in Canada, our history and contributions as a community are largely unrecognized and our struggles as workers, women, and youth unaddressed. Majority of community members are overrepresented in low wage service sector jobs and about 75% are without citizenship status. For the Filipino Canadian youth ages 15 to 24, 50% are in service [...]

Future of youth and education: A Statement on the May 18 Toronto Catholic District School Board meeting

Future of youth and education: A Statement on the May 18 Toronto Catholic District School Board meeting May 30, 2017 On May 18th, the Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance - Ontario (FCYA-ON) presented at the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) public board meeting to expose the systemic racism underlying the continued neglect faced by St. Margaret Catholic School students. FCYA-ON was met with unacceptable and adverse behaviour from the board as we asserted the board’s lack of accountability in addressing the overcrowding and resource deprived state of the St. Margaret building. It became clear why the needs of the students, parents, and the Bathurst and Wilson community and their effort to push for a better learning environment had been delayed for more than 15 years. St. Margaret Catholic School is located in Bathurst and Wilson – an area dubbed as Little Manila. The school currently has over 600 students enrolled in a building with a maximum capacity meant for 300 students. Over 90% of the students are Filipino children, many coming from families who have recently arrived in [...]

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May Day 2017: Women advance the working class struggle

National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada (NAPWC) National Statement May 1, 2017 Alongside thousands of working women across the world, we celebrate International Workers’ Day by continuing to advance working class women’s struggles for freedom and liberation. We do so at this critical moment and beyond, as women continue to absorb the shocks of neoliberal globalization’s assaults on our economic, reproductive, social and environmental conditions. We recall the history behind International Workers’ Day, when protests ignited by women workers erupted time and again due to poor working conditions, low wages and subjugation. We celebrate the legacy and leadership of women in leading social struggles by building our own leadership and resistance. Alongside working-class and racialized women calling for change around the world, we say that now is the moment for us to wage and sustain the struggle for all. Women continue to take to the streets in mass protest, in direct response to the resurgence of right-wing nationalism and the heightening of capitalism’s global crises. Our struggles are connected, as women’s conditions around the world continue to be [...]

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Progressive Filipino Canadians against fascism: Continuing the culture of resistance towards revolutionary social transformation

Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC) National Statement February 9, 2017—We are in a crucial moment in history, and to understand how we can advance our organizing efforts as progressive Filipino Canadians, there is a need for a proper analysis of current social, economic and political developments around the world. Much is happening in the global picture that impacts our national work within Canada, and it is within the global context that we must place our particular realities and immediate struggles. In 2016, we saw the horrendous record-breaking climb of greenhouse gas emission levels, the displacement and deaths of countless war refugees, and the rabid rise of anti-intellectualism, state impunity, fascism and fascist tendencies. But we have also witnessed the many forms of people's resistance being waged throughout the world. In Canada, the Liberal Government’s promises are crumbling, thus exposing the neoliberal agenda that had been brewing and implemented all along. The implications of fascist America is glaring, with Islamophobic attacks, spurts of neo-Nazi propaganda and hate crimes surfacing all over Canada. From where we stand, our work in [...]

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Maveerar Naal: Commemorating the revolutionary struggle of the Tamil People

A statement of solidarity delivered at Founders Assembly Hall, York University, Toronto, ON. Karina Francisco reads UKPC's statement of solidarity Good evening everyone. On behalf of our comrades on the York University campus and the Filipino Canadian community at large, as members of the Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada, the Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance, we declare that we stand in solidarity with the Tamil People both within Tamil Eelam and throughout the Tamil Diaspora in the face of systemic violence and discrimination waged by the Sri Lankan state. On this important day, we stand beside you to celebrate Maaveerar Naal, in appreciation of the immense contributions made by the fallen fighters of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in the fight for the recognition of a Tamil ancestral homeland. As members of the Filipino Canadian community, we condemn the outright massacre of tens of thousands of Tamils in Tamil Eelam, and the internal and external displacement of hundreds of thousands more. All this, while the international community has turned a blind eye. All this, while [...]

Anti-Trump Politics Solidarity Statement

November 18, 2016 Toronto, ON—The Filipino Canadian youth Alliance of Ontario and its’ sister organizations, the Philippine Women Centre of Ontario and SIKLAB Ontario, continue to stand in solidarity with the struggle against racism, xenophobia, sexism, ableism, islamophobia, homophobia and amongst all else that purports the culture of hate and oppression. As Trump’s influence warrants the recent outcrop of white supremacist groups and the intensification of hate crimes all over Canada, we cannot forget the role the state has in perpetuating police brutality and the criminalization, displacement and marginalization of Indigenous Peoples, communities of colour and the poor. Prejudice and discrimination runs deep in the legislative, executive and the judicial branches of government, but as progressives, our strength is in our genuine solidarity to fight hate and oppression with our culture of resistance and liberation. Like many transnational working class communities, Filipino Canadians have been faced by decades of systemic racism through a discriminatory and exclusionary immigration system that routinely detain and deport transnational workers and their families. Neoliberal labour and employment policies, such as the Temporary Foreign [...]

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Secure and Meaningful Employment and Living Wages for all NOW!

Solidary Statement for October 1 Rally For Decent Work October 1, 2016  Toronto, ON - Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance/Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada of Ontario (FCYA/UKPC-ON) expresses our solidarity in the fight for secure and meaningful employment and living wages for all. This October 1st, we march together here at Queen’s Park with workers, union members, community members and organizers, and other progressive organizations throughout Ontario to expose and oppose the unrelenting neoliberal attacks being imposed to us working peoples. We are here to show our discontent and disapproval to the agenda that prioritizes corporate interests through maximization of profits by keeping our wages below poverty line and by cutting the budget on vital social programs and services. As progressive Filipino Canadian students and young workers, we stand firm in continuing the fight for the Filipino Canadian community’s full entitlement and participation in Canada society and in advancing and upholding the working class struggle. Anti-worker and anti-people policies have placed working class and transnational communities in precarious, vulnerable, and exploitative jobs that no other Canadians are willing [...]

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Upholding the Working Class Struggle Towards a Socialist Canada

National Statement Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians May 4, 2016 Toronto, ON—The Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC) celebrate International Workers Day with continuing vitality and strengthening resolve to defend, advance and uphold working people's struggles towards genuine and long lasting justice and social transformation. This May 4th marks the 130th anniversary of the Haymarket Square demonstrations, which has served as a commemoration of workers' struggles for economic justice, social stability, safety and better working and living conditions. Now celebrated on May 1st, it is a day to remember both the defeats suffered and victories hard fought by working-class communities all over the world. Workers fought arduously for the rights, protections and benefits we enjoy today such as the eight-hour work day standard, overtime pay, parental leave, and sick days. It is also a day to acknowledge and carry the culture of resistance and militancy forward to guard against the deepening and worsening exploitation and oppression of millions of workers under contemporary capitalist globalization. In this regard, we echo the ever-growing need for the working class to pave the revolutionary [...]

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Filipino Canadian youth and women’s organizations continue to celebrate International Women’s Month with launch of second critical discussion in their series, “Where Have all the Women Gone?”, on the topic of sex trafficking and prostitution

March 21, 2016 The Philippine Women Centre of Ontario (PWC-ON) and the Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance (FCYA) at York University are gearing up once again in preparation for the next event, which will be a continuation of the month-long critical political discussion series "Where Have All the Women Gone?" to celebrate International Women's Month this year. After the successful first event, titled “Inside the Home, Outside the Home: Where Have All the Women Gone?” held on International Women’s Day, PWC-ON and FCYA-York invite everyone to stay critically engaged and to partake once more for the upcoming critical discussions centering on the issues of sex trafficking and prostitution, as well as reproductive justice. The discussions are set to take place on March 23rd and March 30th respectively at York University at South Ross building, Room 174.   In this age of intense implementation of neoliberal globalisation through austerity measures, it is working class women of colour who are the ones most adversely affected. As progressive organisers and activists, we see it as an imperative that the experiences and narratives [...]

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Being leaders on the revolutionary road towards women’s liberation

International Working Women’s Day Statement from the National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada (NAPWC) March 8, 2016 This year, we celebrate International Women’s Day and move forward in our struggle for women’s liberation by challenging ourselves to expand and assert our vision of a just and equal society. Here in Canada and around the world, we are tackling the blatant and insidious nature of women’s oppression. Forced migration, domestic servitude, sexual commodification, lack of or denial of reproductive rights, physical/sexual violence and increasing economic marginalization are current realities Filipino women and women all over the world continue to face. These blatant attacks on women’s lives and well-being under the evolving tactics of neoliberal globalization make women’s leadership at the forefront of true social change more necessary than ever. We recognize the need to connect our struggles and nurture alliances with women across communities in order to strengthen our leadership in manifesting the necessary changes in our community and in our present society. For over 25 years, we, along with our sister organizations, have been campaigning against Canada’s [...]

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