Justice for Janitors and Cleaners! Advance and Uphold the Working-class Struggle!

//Justice for Janitors and Cleaners! Advance and Uphold the Working-class Struggle!

Justice for Janitors and Cleaners! Advance and Uphold the Working-class Struggle!

2nd Solidarity Statement for Toronto Janitors and Cleaners
November 25, 2015

Worker speaking about experience at Dream

Janitors say no to exploitation!


Toronto, ON—SIKLAB Ontario (Advance and uphold the Struggles of Filipino Canadian Workers) and the member organizations of the Magkaisa (Unity) Centre commend the downtown Toronto janitors and cleaners in their steadfast and resilient strike against the exploitative and abusive hiring contractors Amphora Maintenance Ltd., and Impact Cleaning Services and subcontractor MCC Inc.

As these corporate entities continue to disregard and devalue rights and entitlements owed to you, deny you secure employment, and lead you further into a life of instability, your unwavering and ongoing efforts for justice is of manifold importance in fighting against neoliberal practices of keeping labourers cheap, desperate and disposable. With these being the norm under neoliberalism where profit and business reign supreme over the lives of workers, it is more critical than ever to create a culture of resistance and empower ourselves to take back what is owed to us as working people.

It is illegal for employers to threaten, fire or discipline workers for supporting a union. It is also illegal for employers to take away benefits and privileges because you support a union. It is your right to unionize.

We will continue to intensify our solidarity with you in your struggle against poverty wages, arbitrary and wrongful terminations, indignity and utter disrespect of your vital roles as workers. It is the workers’ right to assert for meaningful employment, for liveable wages, for secure, safe and stable jobs, and to live a life of quality for you and your families. Until these demands are met and justice served, the Magkaisa Centre and its’ member organizations stand in support and solidarity with you.

Job security for all!
End the contractualization and flexibilization of labour!
Justice for cleaners and janitors!
Advance and uphold the working-class struggle!

– 30 –

Organizations under the Magkaisa Centre:
SIKLAB Ontario (advance and uphold the struggles of Filipino Canadian Workers)
Philippine Women Centre of Ontario
Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada/ Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance of Ontario

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