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Event Announcement: National Consultative Forum on LGBTQ

Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians August 14, 2014 In May 2010, progressive Filipino Canadians came together to pave the new path for genuine settlement and integration of Filipinos across Canada at a national conference called “Counterspin: Creating and Nurturing a New Path for a Progressive Filipino Canadian Community.” This conference forged the historic formation of the Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC) that, now, serves as the national centre of progressive organizations, such as the National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada, SIKLAB Canada, and the Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance/Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada. These organizations have been at the forefront in educating, mobilizing and organizing progressive Filipino Canadians and our communities to struggle for genuine settlement and integration in Canada. An important outcome of this conference was the commitment of CPFC and its member organizations to address and deepen our understanding of the various issues that affect the Filipino Canadian community, other transnational communities and the broader Canadian society. One of the 15 major concerns included in the CPFC declaration is the “rights of LGBT against [...]

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Canada’s live-in caregiver program continues to be a nightmare for Filipinos

National Statement August 8, 2014 Toronto, Ontario - A recent Toronto Star article written on July 22nd titled ‘Filipino Canadians fear end of immigrant dreams for nannies’ outlined the Conservative government’s possible changes to the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) given Jason Kenney’s racist and anti-immigrant remarks that the program is being used and ‘abused’ as it has ‘mutated’ into a program of family reunification for Filipinos in Canada. As such, some organizations within the Filipino Canadian community expressed their fears and outrage that possible changes to the LCP, which recruits 90% of its participants from the Philippines, means the end of the LCP as a pathway to permanent residency for foreign nannies. The National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada (NAPWC) condemns Kenney’s allegations that criminalize live-in caregivers and the community at large. We challenge all community members to go beyond casting themselves as figures of victimization amidst these possible changes. Let us uphold our dignity as a people by objectively examining the LCP and the Conservative government’s rhetoric in light of its continuing neoliberal assault on working [...]

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Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians supports the struggle of the Palestinian people for liberation against Israeli zionist terrorism

National Statement August 6, 2014 The Congress of Progressive Filipinos in Canada (CPFC) and its member organizations fully support the resistance and struggle of the Palestinian people for liberation. We condemn the atrocities perpetrated by the Israel Zionists upon them as well as the blatant hypocrisy of Western powers, particularly Canada under the Harper Government, that continue to support the terrorist Zionist regime in Israel against the Palestinian people. These last couple of weeks, people of the world become witnesses, once more, to the harrowing suffering and death of the Palestinian people inflicted by intense and indiscriminate bombing and strafing by Israeli military forces to supposedly avenge the death of three Israelis in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian land.  In the latest series of attacks under the Israel military’s so-called, “Operation Protective Edge (OPE),” over 1,400 Palestinians, mainly civilians, have been killed. The Israeli attacks under OPE designed to claim more Palestinian territory, have hit hospitals, clinics and schools in Gaza, and the only electrical power plant which will leave many Palestinians without power and clean water; thus, increasing the [...]

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The “Maleta” (Suitcase) journey continues

Our Voices Exhibit!, a set on Flickr June 10, 2014 For immediate release Toronto-ON – The continuing journey of the Maleta (Suitcase) Project made another landmark in the recently concluded “Our Voices: A Portrait Series” art exhibit. Organized by the Philippine Women Centre of Ontario (PWC-ON), in collaboration with the Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance/Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada (FCYA/UKPC) and SIKLAB Ontario, with the support of Toronto Arts Council, “Our Voices” follows the successful Maleta (Suitcase) Project as it continues to unpack the day-to-day lived experiences and realities of the Filipino Canadian community. The exhibit was hosted at Beit Zatoun House in downtown Toronto from May 31st to June 1st and was attended by over 70 participants and guests. The evening began with a welcome address by PWC-ON and moving performances by “No Class Today,” the cultural arm of the Magkaisa Centre. PWC-ON welcomed participants and guests, and formally opened the exhibit with an overview of the photovoice project and the importance of arts and cultural work in their history of educating, organizing and mobilizing [...]

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Philippine Women Centres in BC and Ontario continue to create and nurture the community’s new path of genuine settlement and integration

Fourth announcement May 21, 2014   Toronto, ON —The Philippine Women Centre of Ontario (PWC-ON) extends its warm and militant greetings of solidarity to its sister organization, the Philippine Women Centre of British Columbia (PWC-BC) for its upcoming one-day conference titled “History, Rupture and Continuity: Creating and Nurturing Our New Path,” to be held on May 31st in Vancouver. Starting the same day, PWC-ON will hold its two-day art exhibit, “Our Voices: A Portrait Series,” in Toronto. Both events mark the ongoing commitment and active leadership role of progressive Filipino Canadian women in advancing the Filipino Canadian community’s struggle for genuine settlement and integration in Canada. In 1991, PWC-BC was formed to address and bring to the fore the intensifying oppression, marginalization and underdevelopment of women of Philippine ancestry in Canada. Built from a foundation rooted in anti-racist, feminist and working class politics, PWC-BC pioneered its work through various community-based initiatives, policy engagements and research projects such as “Canada: the New Frontier for Filipino Mail-Order Brides”, “Filipino Nurses Doing Domestic Work in Canada: A Stalled Development” as well [...]

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“Our Voices: A Portrait Series” draws closer

Toronto, ON – As the struggle for genuine settlement and integration intensifies, so do the voices of the Filipino Canadian community. “Our Voices: A Portrait Series Project” exhibit, to be held at Beit Zatoun House on May 31st to June 1st, features the shared experiences, stories, and narratives of the Filipino Canadian community. From stories of migration to current ongoing struggles, the art exhibit gives the women, youth and workers in the community a voice to express its concerns. “We are continuing to unpack our Maleta [Suitcase] by sharing our stories of migration, as well as challenges the community faces,” said Kyle Veyra, UKPC/FCYA-York member. The community faces issues such as systemic barriers to education and employment, economic marginalization and exploitative work under Canada’s Live-in-Caregiver Program and the Temporary Foreign Workers’ Program. “Stories of deskilling, relegation to low-wage work, and non-accreditation of previous education are the common experiences of our community members. Through “Our Voices,” we are able to highlight these stories and bring out the culture of resistance of the Filipino Canadian community” adds Veyra. The exhibit [...]

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Gearing up for “Our Voices: A Portrait Series”, a Filipino Canadian Art Exhibit

Toronto, Ontario – Let the voices of a community united in resistance be heard as the Maleta (Suitcase) Project continues its journey through a community-based art exhibit titled, ‘Our Voices: A Portrait Series’.  This exhibit serves as a medium to express the progressive Filipino Canadian community’s collective will to help advance the working class struggle for social change. The exhibit will be held at Beit Zatoun on May 31st and June 1st. ‘Our Voices: A Portrait Series’ features previous art pieces from the Maleta Project, particularly, the Maleta [Suitcase] Family , the Kapit Bisig Maletas [Link-Arm-Suitcases] and four new pieces that speak to the challenges and barriers the community face in Canada, as well as its aspirations for a better future.  “Our future as a racialised and working class community is put at risk given the current age of austerity where workers’ rights and livelihoods are continually assaulted by the neoliberal agenda.” states Lydia Vamvouras, a member of PWC-ON. The art pieces capture the realities of the Filipino Canadian community in these times where cutbacks to public services, the [...]

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Event Announcement: “Our Voices: A Portrait Series”

Our Voices: A Portrait Series Toronto, Ontario – As part of the Maleta [Suitcase] Project, the Philippine Women Centre Ontario (PWC-ON), in collaboration with the Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance/Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada (FCYA/UKPC-ON) AND SIKLAB Ontario, invites everyone to their upcoming exhibit, “Our Voices: A Portrait Series Project,” funded by the Toronto Arts Council. The art exhibit will showcase art work collectively produced by members of the Filipino Canadian community that captures the day-to-day lived experiences and struggles of Filipino Canadian youth, women, and workers in Toronto. The event will be held at Beit Zatoun, on May 31st and June 1st.   Now Canada’s third largest visible minority group, the Filipino Canadian community continues to be at the social, political and economic margins of Canadian society. This is evidently seen in the community’s blatant representation in low-wage service sector work, domestic work and temporary contractual work schemes. Currently, over 100,000 Filipino women came to Canada as Live-in Caregivers and as of 2012, the Philippines has been Canada’s top source of temporary foreign workers. These exploitative labour [...]

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Resist the “Divide and Rule” tactics against the working class in Canada!

Resist the “Divide and Rule” tactics against the working class in Canada Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians National Statement April 7, 2014   The recent report in CBC’s news segment Go Public about temporary foreign workers  (TFW) in Canada highlights, once again, the vulnerability of the working class in Canada against the relentless offensive of capital for profit and accumulation. The Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC) stands firm in its position that temporary foreign workers in Canada have become the latest fodder in this continuing clash between labour and capital in the current structural crisis of global capitalism. The pitting of one segment of the working class (TFW) against another (Canadian workers), with Minister of Employment and Social Development Jason Kenney and the Conservative government seemingly showing concern, is a classic case of ”divide and rule” and a diversion of real issues facing the working class. Supporting the demand of Canada’s capitalist class for temporary, disposable, and hard-to-unionize working class, the Federal government responded with the rapid expansion of the TFWP. An employer-driven program, the TFWP functions [...]

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Struggle and Solidarity: Forward Women’s Liberation

National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada National Statement March 18, 2014 The National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada (NAPWC), once again, calls on the Canadian government, under the Conservative government of Prime Minister Harper, to stop its pretension, and put an end to its hypocrisy as a country that champions and upholds human rights and women’s rights, as it continues to implement its anti-woman, racist, and anti-worker federal labour programs of the live-in caregiver program (LCP) and the temporary foreign workers program (TFWP). We denounce the continuing exploitation and oppression of women under these programs, and demand an end to the systemic violence that systematically puts us in the receiving end of the violent attacks inherent within neoliberal globalization. A federal labour program facilitated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), this modern-day slavery program is one of the many labour programs of Canada that preys on people from the Global South who are looking for stable jobs and better wages, recruiting mostly women to work as domestic workers for children, the elderly and people with disabilities. [...]

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FCYA/UKPC Lecture Series Part 1: The Filipino Canadian Community’s Current Situation, Struggles and Resistance

January 23, 2014 For immediate release Toronto, ON – The Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance/Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada – Ontario (FCYA/UKPC-ON) is gearing up once again for another round of political education at York University and University of Toronto. The political education will be presented through a lecture series focussing on the Filipino Canadian community’s history, current situation, struggles and resistance. Despite being Canada’s third largest visible minority group numbering over 500,000, the Filipino Canadian community continues to be at the social, political and economic margins of Canadian society. The lecture series aim to expose Canada’s neoliberal agenda by concretely showing its impacts on working class and communities of colour, such as the Filipino Canadian community. ‘As the future of our community, it is crucial for us youth to educate, mobilize and organize ourselves and to fight for social change in our community and the broader Canadian polity.’ says Bastian Leones of UKPC @ UofT. The first lecture titled “The Filipino Canadian community’s Current Situation, Struggles and Resistance,” will be held on January 30th at University of Toronto [...]

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