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Denouncing Canada’s contribution to climate change

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE National statement December 12, 2013 Toronto, ON— A month ago, the strongest tropical storm ever recorded in history, Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda devastated towns and areas in Central and Eastern Philippines with over a million people left homeless, and with confirmed deaths totalling over 5,000 people. The category 5 typhoon struck the Philippines on November 8th and swept through towns and cities that have not even recovered from the aftermath of an earthquake that occurred weeks before. This calamity has saddened many of us within the Filipino Canadian community and has left many more feeling outraged at the slow response and neglect in providing immediate aid and relief by the local and national Philippine governments—all this amidst the ongoing news of government corruption and irresponsible spending of the people’s money. But with the recently concluded U.N. Convention on Climate Change, that took place in Warsaw, Poland, and the recent report released by the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC), we must understand the role that imperialist countries, such as Canada, and transnational corporate interests have in contributing to [...]

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Urgent appeal for support to the survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 12, 2013   Dear Friends and Allies, As we receive news and see countless images of the massive destruction brought upon by Super Typhoon Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda, that hit Central Philippines last November 8, 2013, the Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC) and its member organizations, request for urgent support for all the communities that were ravaged, and are still under the state of calamity. Reported to be the largest and most powerful storm to ever make landfall in recorded human history, Typhoon Haiyan brought about an estimated 10,000 casualties, and displaced around 615,000 people including an increasing number of people sustaining numerous injuries and illnesses. Struggling from one disaster to another in close succession, the Eastern and Central Visayas region were still recovering from a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit on October 15, 2013 claiming 185 lives, injuring an estimated 600 people and displacing 379,495. We, at CPFC, send our sincerest condolences to those who have lost their family members, friends, and neighbours from this calamity. We are [...]

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Centre for Emergency Aid and Rehabilitation “Oplan Sagip Bayan (Oplan People’s Rescue)”

thru the National Secretariat: Center for Emergency Aid and Rehabilitation, (CONCERN) Inc. NCR Center Address: 22 Libertad St. Brgy. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City, Philippines Central Luzon: Lot 12, Blk.3, Rd. 3, Phase 1 St Jude Village, San Agustin, City of San Fernando, Pampanga tele/fax # (045) 9611721 e-mail: concern.inc@gmail.com November 8, 2013 ---------------------------------------------------------------------   Dear Friends and Allies, We are switching on our Oplan Sagip Bayan operations (Oplan People's Rescue) in light of the damage by Typhoon Haiyan's rampage (local name: Yolanda) in Eastern and Central Visayas. This is in close coordination with CONCERN or Center for Emergency Aid and Rehabilitation who has more than twenty five years of consistent work in the field of disaster-risk and rehabilitation and has assisted more than one million individuals since 1988. Residents of Cebu, Bohol and nearby province of Leyte have been served with a double whammy as a 7.2 magnitude earthquake came twenty four days earlier, on October 15. The energy released by the Visayas quake is equivalent to 951.5 kilotons of TNT, 796,214 lightning flashes, 30.16 million gallons of [...]

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All unite, women take back the night!

Take Back the Night, a set on Flickr. PWC-ON statement October 10, 2013 Toronto, ON—Alongside the progressive women and organizations that are here today, we at the Philippine Women Centre of Ontario (PWC-ON) are adamantly calling to end violence against women and to dismantle the system of patriarchy that attempts to routinely violate women’s bodies and women’s lives. As we take back the night, we call on all our sisters to meet the escalating forms of violence inflicted upon women in all its forms and manifestations—whether in the anti-woman policies imposed by the current neoliberal regime or in the culture of rape that is propagated as the norm—with our increasing solidarity and resistance. From this night and onwards, we refuse to be reduced to the scapegoats and victims of patriarchy as we assert our agency to control our own bodies and lives in the unfinished struggle for genuine women’s liberation. Here at York University, we have been witness to the number of violent attacks and sexual assaults in our own campus. Such events that prompt immediate action and [...]

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National childcare for all now!

National statement October 9, 2013 Toronto, ON—With the issue of childcare having long reached a critical point, the National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada (NAPWC) urgently reiterates their call for a national childcare program that will genuinely meets the needs of working-class women and their families and the scrapping of the racist and anti-woman Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP). As women are faced with a chronically underfunded and increasingly privatized childcare system, it is clear that the existing patchwork of incentive-based government benefits fails to address the fundamental need for national childcare. This is no more evident than in the continued peddling of the LCP as Canada’s de facto childcare program as an exploitative means to liberate one group of women at the expense of another. We firmly reject this current framework wherein childcare is reified into a burden that is relegated onto women from the Third World and wherein all working-class women are denied this fundamental need. Disguised under the rhetoric of “family care,” “care-giving” and “choice,” the Conservative government metes out a paltry $100 a month [...]

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Making the Youth Count in Canada’s Future: The Struggle of Young Workers in the Age of Austerity and Neoliberal Globalization

Conference communiqué August 13, 2013 Toronto, ON—On Saturday August 3rd, over 50 youth, students, young workers and allies filled the United Steelworkers Hall to take back their future amidst worsening conditions here in Canada and abroad. Organized by the Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada/Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance—Ontario (UKPC/FCYA-ON), the conference titled “Making the Youth Count in Canada’s Future: The Struggle of Young Workers in the Age of Austerity and Neoliberal Globalization” brought together progressive young leaders, professionals and allies to tackle some recent developments that will shape the future for young people in Canada. Blazing a new path, UKPC/FCYA-ON brought new participants together to expose the neoliberal character of capitalist development in Canada and around the world. By looking at the overall economic situation, speakers Emmanuel Sayo, Fay Faraday and Reuben Sarumugam gave a theoretical, political, legal and experiential insight into the development of a neoliberal society and the impacts on workers and young people. Emmanuel Sayo, co-founder of the Kalayaan Resource and Training Centre, reviewed the global situation and the ongoing economic crisis, as well as [...]

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Progressive youth stand up to take back their future

August 9, 2013 For immediate release Toronto, ON–Continuing to forge a new path, the Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance/Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada—Ontario (UKPC/FCYA-ON) brought together youth, students, young workers, professionals and allies to tackle the continuing assault on workers at the conference titled “Making the Youth Count in Canada’s Future: The Struggle of Young Workers in the Age of Austerity and Neoliberal Globalization,” held this past Saturday, August 3rd. During the one-day conference, youth gathered voices from the progressive left community to talk about the need to organize and to develop a progressive culture amidst the strengthening neoliberal and austerity agenda being pushed in Canada and around the world. Over 50 participants gathered to learn and discuss some of the most pressing issues facing young people today. Some of the speakers included Fay Faraday, a labour, immigration and human rights lawyer; Mike Leitold, an activist and criminal defense lawyer; Gabrielle Fayant, an activist and organizer with Canada’s Indigenous communities, and representatives from Students Against Israeli Apartheid, Karina Francisco and Aizaz Malik. Reuben Sarumugam, a panel speaker and [...]

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Final reminder for upcoming “Making the Youth Count in Canada’s Future” conference happening this Saturday!

A Conference reminder: Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada/Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance presents: Making the Youth Count in Canada’s Future: The Struggles of Young Workers in the Age of Austerity and Neoliberal Globalization   A Province-Wide Youth Conference Date: Saturday, August 3, 2013 Location: United Steelworkers Hall 25 Cecil St. (College & Spadina) Toronto, Ontario Time: ALL DAY Registration starts 9AM Opening remarks begin: 10:00AM Join us as we gather with youth and other members of various communities and professions from across Canada to tackle issues youth face today under the increasing attacks of neoliberal globalization. These include: -Rising student debt and unemployment -Environmental degradation -Criminalization of student activity on campuses -Systemic racism and more! All are invited to take part in this conference. Register online now: http://bit.ly/maketheyouthcount Speakers include: Emmanuel Sayo, Co-founder of the Kalayaan Resource Centre • Fay Faraday, Immigration, Labour, and Human Right Lawyer • Reuben Sarumugam, Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada/Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance • Karina Francisco & Aizaz Malik, Students Against Israeli Apartheid • Krisna Saravanamuttu, National Council of Canadian Tamils • [...]

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Demand Justice for Sammy Yatim!

Demand Justice for Sammy Yatim!   Toronto,ON—We, the members of the Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada/Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance of Ontario (UKPC/FCYA-ON), condemn the actions by the Toronto Police in shooting and killing 18 year old Sammy Yatim. We demand the Toronto Police be held accountable for their actions and use of deadly force firing almost 10 shots before following up with a taser to kill Yatim. Though the police were called in because Yatim was reported and witnessed to be brandishing a three-inch knife and wielding it inside the streetcar, the police crew escalated the situation to the point where several of them took shots at his body. Sammy Yatim was an 18-year-old young man born in Syria, but lived in Toronto since immigrating to Canada. Our thoughts and condolences go to the family and friends of Sammy Yatim. We are angered that another youth of colour has died at the hands of the police here in Toronto. This is a painful reality faced by racialised youth across this city--across this country--and it is our collective [...]

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Fight contractualization! Advance workers’ struggles for secure and sustainable livelihoods!

Solidarity statement for DIGITEL Employees Union July 26, 2013 Toronto, ON—The Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC) extends its solidarity to the membership and allies of the DIGITEL Employees Union (DEU) in their continuing struggle against the neoliberal ploys of the DIGITEL-Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.’s (PLDT) merged management for illegally terminating DIGITEL employees in Manila, Philippines. The CPFC commends the courageous men and women involved with the DEU members’ hunger strikes, community briefings and protests in opposition to DIGITEL-PLDT management, as well as in exposing the inadequacy of the Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) in their inaction despite having signed the writ-of-execution order on March 19, 2013, and the Supreme Court’s decision to re-instate the dismissed workers. Such absolution of responsibility over the firing of long-time DIGITEL employees is not only an attack on the workers immediately affected, but is also a maneuver with political implications that affect labour struggles in the Philippines and beyond. In this age of intense corporatization and privatization under neoliberal capitalism, workers all over the world are faced with labour practices [...]

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Youth and young workers from various communities share their struggles and resistance

Seventh announcement July 24, 2013 Toronto, ON—With August fast approaching, youth across Canada are set to gather at the upcoming one-day conference, “Making the Youth Count in Canada’s Future: The Struggle of Young Workers in the Age of Austerity and Neoliberal Globalization.” This conference will be taking place on Saturday, August 3rd at Toronto’s United Steelworkers Hall. With the neoliberal agenda of globalization threatening the lives and conditions of youth and their communities, speakers such as Gabrielle Fayant, who organizes with various indigenous youth, and Krisna Saravanamuttu, National Director of the National Council of Canadian Tamils, will look into the current struggles and resistances that youth from various communities are undertaking. With the ongoing roll-out of neoliberal policies hammering youth across Canada, it is undeniable that youth from marginalized communities continue to bear the brunt of these long-standing attacks against their communities. As we have witnessed in the struggle of indigenous communities, for instance, issues such as environmental degradation and the right of self-determination, all within the context of the current global economic crisis, are among their key [...]

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