Progressive Filipino Canadians against fascism: Continuing the culture of resistance towards revolutionary social transformation

//Progressive Filipino Canadians against fascism: Continuing the culture of resistance towards revolutionary social transformation

Progressive Filipino Canadians against fascism: Continuing the culture of resistance towards revolutionary social transformation

Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians (CPFC)
National Statement

February 9, 2017—We are in a crucial moment in history, and to understand how we can advance our organizing efforts as progressive Filipino Canadians, there is a need for a proper analysis of current social, economic and political developments around the world. Much is happening in the global picture that impacts our national work within Canada, and it is within the global context that we must place our particular realities and immediate struggles. In 2016, we saw the horrendous record-breaking climb of greenhouse gas emission levels, the displacement and deaths of countless war refugees, and the rabid rise of anti-intellectualism, state impunity, fascism and fascist tendencies. But we have also witnessed the many forms of people’s resistance being waged throughout the world.

In Canada, the Liberal Government’s promises are crumbling, thus exposing the neoliberal agenda that had been brewing and implemented all along. The implications of fascist America is glaring, with Islamophobic attacks, spurts of neo-Nazi propaganda and hate crimes surfacing all over Canada. From where we stand, our work in community organizing and building revolutionary consciousness and practice to fight the direct impacts of all these attacks is more necessary than ever.

Since the Liberal Government took power over a year ago, they have made promises to counter Conservative right- wing policies and legislation under the guise of working with communities to consult on issues: from missing and murdered indigenous women, the environment, to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Yet their action and policies prove contrary to these humanitarian consultative initiatives, with the approval of pipelines and the hollow lip service and token treatment of the struggles of First Nations and Indigenous communities. Recommendations to the TFWP are steering towards the further privatization of the agricultural and healthcare sectors. For the working class in Canada, this means the continued exploitation of our labour locked to wage slavery, and further insecurity and instability for local and transnational workers alike.

While the election of Trump represents the rise of fascism in the US, the overwhelming majority of the white working class chose to abandon the racialized facets of the working class in order to support a racist, homophobic, patriarchal, xenophobic and Islamophobic presidential candidate in exchange for empty promises of jobs and industry. On the other hand, the ongoing resistance of the Sioux Nation, and by extension all indigenous people on Turtle Island, in halting the construction of the North Dakota Access Pipeline, and the great show of support and solidarity during the Women’s March to Washington all over the world are living proof that resistance is not futile. With the reversal of the halting order and the reckless gutting of democratic institutions, we need to remain vigilant and refuse the clawbacks of our hard-won victories.

The death of past revolutionary leaders, most notably Fidel Castro, signifies the passing of a generation of revolutionaries but also signals the ever-growing need to continue developing the next line of revolutionary leaders to help build the path towards socialism. Defining our task at hand and moving forward requires placing ourselves within this context. The current rise to power of far-right regimes around the world, vis-à-vis sparse but significant victories in the efforts of the Left to decolonize and overturn the viciousness of the profit motive, comes at a time when every opportunity to carry on the revolutionary struggle must be propelled to full potential.

The socio-economic and political accomplishments of the Cuban people under the leadership of the Communist Party are nothing short of remarkable. Despite its lack of resources and the US embargo, the Cuban people were successful in establishing a healthcare system that is truly universal. It has also trained tens of thousands of doctors, and maintains some of the most advanced dermatology departments in the world. Furthermore, Cuba was also able to establish highly effective educational and youth programs, with illiteracy being nearly eradicated and national boxing and performing arts programs that produced world-class athletes and artists. The deployment of Cuban military personnel and medical professionals to Palestine and South Africa to aid in anti-apartheid efforts, as well as Castro’s open support for the Black Panthers and revolutionary struggles across Latin America, are a testament of the Party’s commitment to genuine internationalist solidarity. In fact, it is clear that this commitment continues on with the recent deployment of Cuban-trained doctors to aid in the indigenous resistance at Standing Rock.Cuba’s contributions in upholding the ideals of communism and building socialism continue to inspire revolutionary cultures across the globe to resist and combat imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, racism, patriarchy, homophobia, and all forms of oppression in the name of achieving a classless and truly liberated society.

Despite the overwhelmingly dismal human and environmental catastrophes caused by neoliberal global capitalism and imperialist war and plunder, now is the most hopeful and opportune moment to engage in the various struggles our societies are faced with today. People are growing more critical and are seeking sustainable and long-lasting alternatives to the unconscionable and unjustifiable mass destruction of entire ecological systems and the violent and deadly repression of millions of people borne out of the current world order. Now is the time to build the future, not to be swayed by the moment. Now is the time to create a lasting legacy and put an end to the domination and destructivenessof the capitalist system.

To challenge apathy and erroneous ideas regarding social activism and political organization, we must acknowledge the strength and the victories of the Cuban people, of the indigenous resistance on Turtle Island, of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Palestine solidarity movement, and all progressive struggles past and presently being fought for in Canada and throughout the world. As history has shown, the masses lead the indispensable role of bringing about social transformation and revolutionary change. In the spirit of resistance and people’s solidarity, we the Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians will continue to espouse revolutionary culture and practice to help build and strengthen the socialist movement in Canada.

Expose and oppose the neoliberal agenda of global capitalism!
Down with imperialist war and plunder!
Onwards with the struggle for socialism!
Long-live international solidarity!


Organizations under the Congress of Progressive Filipino Canadians
Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada/Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance-National  (UKPC/FCYA-National)
Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada/Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance-Ontario (UKPC/FCYA-ON)
National Alliance of Philippine Women in Canada (NAPWC)
Philippine Women Centre of Ontario (PWC-ON)
Philippine Women Centre of British Columbia (PWC-BC)


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